Vision Casting

Across America there are hundreds of Halls of Fame — places that celebrate heroes in sports … music … entertainment … aviation … and scores of other fields. But there’s a huge absence. Something of massive importance is missing.

There is no Hall of Fame for Christian heroes — no place dedicated to celebrating the men and women who have made an indelible impact for the cause of Christ. Great athletes, great actors, great musicians and the like are impressive. But great Christians inspire in a way that is absolutely life-changing.

An effort is underway to establish the first-ever Christian Hall of Fame … right here in North Texas. A non-profit organization has been formed. Key steps are being taken. People are catching the vision. They’re embracing this unique venture. 

The strategy is simple and straightforward …four essential elements …

  1. Continue acquiring a world-class collection of artifacts that tell the stories of Christian heroes.

  1. Present a series of exhibitions across North Texas to engage tens of thousands of people in this initiative.

  1. Plan, design and build the first-ever Christian Hall of Fame at a site to be determined.

  1. Open the Christian Hall of Fame to the public and to visitors worldwide through a virtual museum experience. Deepen the impact through related products, publications and programs.

The collection to be acquired for the Christian Hall of Fame was amassed over nearly half a century by a Christian man who dedicated countless hours and significant resources. He assembled an irreplaceable trove of treasures — thousands of items — all of them scarce, rare or one-of-a-kind. Most importantly, these treasures tell the stories of men and women who gave their all-in service to Christ. A coalition of like-minded believers are taking action to acquire this collection

The series of exhibitions — two per year over the next three to four years — will celebrate the lives of 1,000 Christian heroes. The historic artifacts will accentuate the life-empowering stories of bravery, sacrifice, diligence and devotion. The exhibition experience will be vivid and powerful, designed to communicate across the generations. The exhibitions will benefit Christians of all ages and all walks of life — instructing, inspiring and instilling a new appreciation for the high priority of following Christ. 

Some day, in the not-too-distant future, the doors will open to the first-ever, world-class, barrier-breaking Christian Hall of Fame. It will be not just a destination but also a center of learning, training and facilitating for the cause of Christ globally.